Edna H. Johnson                                                                                                             Chief of Police



DATE: January 24, 2005
FROM: Edna H. Johnson, Chief of Police
SUBJECT: 2004 Annual Report


The demand for police services, the G-8 Summit and complexity of issues being handled by the police department resulted in a slight increase of Part I Crimes reported in the City of Brunswick.

Our enhanced Neighborhood Policing/Community Relations activities are increasing with the addition of "Uniform Day" for all sworn personnel.  The GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training) program and CAPAC (Citizen and Police Against Crime) are continuing partnerships with the community.

We have restructured our organizational chart, added a Special Services Unit which includes the following specialized units: traffic, canine, bike patrol, marine patrol and CAPAC officers.  We will utilize the above personnel proactively to enhance the quality of life for the citizens we serve.

We aggressively pursue outside funding through Federal, State and local grants to supplement our budget and relieve some of the burden from the City of Brunswick.  Some of the funding was utilized to provide equipment for our Special Response Team, purchase one K-9, and update equipment for our Marine Patrol.

The Brunswick Police Department's role was significantly successful in facilitating peaceful gatherings during the Sea Island Summit in June of 2004.  Most of the protest activities occurred in the City of Brunswick.  No injuries occurred and there were no arrests made.  The protest group gatherings totaled approximately 500 to 1000 people.

New emphasis for the coming year will be domestic violence, violence in the Hispanic community and traffic control.


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