Brunswick Police Department




Officer Herbert D. Copeland



March 11, 1956



Officer Copeland was killed in the 500 block of Reynolds Street on March 11, 1956.  A twenty-one year police veteran, Copeland was the senior officer answering a call of a man waving a shotgun and threatening to shoot bystanders.  Copeland and his rookie riding partner arrived and Copeland got out to talk to the suspect, William Goldman, 28, who was waving a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun.  Copeland appeared to have calmed Goldman down and returned to his vehicle, but then Goldman suddenly grabbed the shotgun back up and began firing into the back of the police car.  Golden shot Copeland in the back of the head and caught the rookie officer in the shoulder.  The rookie officer was able to return fire.  Golden received 20 years in prison for the murder of Officer Copeland.