Brunswick Police Department




Officer R.N. Deaver


March 6, 1915




Officer Deaver was killed one Saturday morning after a gunman opened fire at what is now the Dunwoody building at Gloucester and Newcastle Streets.  Monroe Phillips, 50, went on a rampage in downtown Brunswick, killing Deaver and four others and wounding thirty, before being killed himself by the city officer.  Phillips, a sawmill owner and lumber businessman, had worked out a lumber deal that fell through.  Upset and despondent over the failed deal, Phillips came to Brunswick to speak to local attorney and politician Harry F. Dunwoody.  Phillips went to the upstairs office and shots rang out.  Killed were: Dunwoody, George Asbell, L.C. Padgett, Hacket, Phillips and Deaver.  Deaver was a young officer who had only been on the Brunswick police force for sixty days.  Deaver arrived at the scene and crept up to Phillips and fired several shots at him.  Phillips was able to get off a shotgun blast however which struck Deaver in the chest.  Deaver died on the way to the hospital.