Brunswick Police Department




Officer Robert L. Massey



April 13, 1890




Officer Massey was shot on April 12, 1890, at 10:35 a.m. at City Hall and died the next day. Massey was in court when William O. Baldwin had been charged with disorderly conduct, found guilty, and fined two dollars and court costs, but refused to pay. Officer Massey stepped forward and laid a hand on Baldwins shoulder to arrest him. Baldwin drew a pistol from under his vest and fired, hitting Officer Massey in the left side. Baldwin then fired another shot that hit Massey in the center of his back. A struggle ensued between Baldwin and other officers. Marshal Houston was shot in the left shoulder and left arm during the altercation. Officer Wilchar was able to catch the barrel of Baldwins gun and force it down before the trigger was pulled. That shot entered Baldwins own right thigh. Officer Wilchar then wrenched the pistol out of Baldwins hand and dragged him outside onto the sidewalk. Baldwin then drew another pistol but was knocked to the ground by Wilchar who prevented him from firing any more shots. Officer Masseys funeral was held on April 14 and the police headquarters was decorated with signs of mourning.