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Chaplain Program 

The Brunswick Police Department  provides the services of a chaplain on a regular call basis for counseling, consultation, human crisis intervention, critical incident and post-critical incident intervention, and the support and maintenance of an attitude of cooperation and mutual respect between the police department and the community.

Our chaplains, all of whom are ecclesiastically ordained, assist the department's personnel in those areas where he or she can offer his or her own expertise.  Some of these situations may include:

-being called to the scene of a traumatic incident to provide comfort to victims, families of victims, and officers             involved

-notifying next-of-kin in death or serious injury incidents

-offering follow-up assistance to victims of crisis

-offering referral or resource assistance

-counseling individuals and families experiencing stressful, traumatic situations

-training for crisis intervention

-presiding at funerals or other religious services as requested

-visiting sick or injured department employees

-conducting invocations at various department functions

Rev. Tim Brown, Chaplain's Coordinator 

(Blythe Island Baptist Church)

Rev Paul Lawrence


Rev. Paul Lawrence

(True Deliverance Tabernacle Church)

Rev. Daniel Medina

(First United Methodist Church)

Our chaplains provide a very important service to the department and to the community.  We are deeply grateful to all of them for the comfort, support and counsel they provide in times of need.

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