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The History of the

Brunswick Police Department

Serving Since 1838

The Brunswick Police Department has a long tradition of providing protection of lives and property to the citizens of the city of Brunswick.  The department has the primary responsibility for enforcing city ordinances as well as state traffic and criminal laws within the city.

Louis Edward Gill, circa 1890

Louis Edward Gill, circa 1890



Early BPD Badge


BPD Officers, circa 1922

Brunswick Police Department, 1922



Mounted BPD Officers, 1923

 Mounted Police Officers, 1923


Under the original city charter of 1838, the person in charge of the original city law enforcement agency was "the sheriff" so there was a city sheriff and a county sheriff.  One of the duties of the city sheriff and his constables was to apprehend violators who discharged weapons on Sundays.  The fine for the first offense was $2.00.  Under the present charter of 1856, the Brunswick Police Department head became the Chief of Police, also known as the Marshal, and was elected each January (along with an Assistant Chief) by the City Commission.  In January of 1890, the pay for Chief was set at $1,200.00 per year and the Chief was to maintain his horse at his own expense.  The salary for the one mounted officer that year was $2.00 per day and 35 cents per day for horse feed.  Walking patrol officers were also paid $2.00 per day.    

Original 1896 Arrest Warrant, Page 1, Page 2

Early Chief Marshals for 

the City of Brunswick



 Chief/Marshal Dennis L. Goodbread
1858 Chief/Marshal William Lundy
1890 Chief/Marshal A.H. Houston
1903 Chief/Marshal S.A. Burney
1911 Chief/Marshal A.L. Owens
Feb 1918 -1919 Chief/Marshal Phil E. Burgess
BPD Officers, 1929   BPD Officers in 1940
1929 Department Photograph  

1940 Department Photograph

Motorcycle Officer in 1939   BPD Officers in 1948
Motorcycle Officer, 1939  

1948 Department Photograph


December 1952

December, 1952 Department Photograph
1956 Department Photograph   BPD Officers and Staff, 2000
1956 Department Photograph  

2001 Department Photograph

2010 Department Photograph


Police Chiefs, 1919 to Present

Police Headquarters Downtown
1919 to March 1956 J. E. Register
April 1956 to 1961 Jimmy Bisson
1961 to December 31, 1965 Rex Deaver
January 1966 to January 1975 W.W. Branch
January 1975 to October 1979 R.R. (Bob) Lyons
April 1980 to July 1983 Gene Douglas
September 1983 to July 1990 Jimmy Carter
November 1990 to June 1993 Jack Sidoran
May 1994 to August 2003 T.C. Cowan
August 2003 to July 2004 (Interim) Edna H. Johnson
July 2004 to July 2010 Edna H. Johnson
July 2010 to April 2011 (Interim) Tobe C. Green
April 2011 to Present Tobe C. Green

Police Headquarters

206 Mansfield Street




The current police station was built in 1939 with an additional wing added in the early 1970's.  The old jail portion of the station remained until the early 1980's when the  bars were finally cut out.  The renovation provided office space for investigative and training personnel and training classrooms. 


Police Officers Memorial


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